KINFUREN INDUSTRIAL Co., LTD, a professional investment casting manufacturer, established in 1994. Our company has specialized technologies and expertise in automobile parts, architectural products, food machinery parts, impeller and turbines, pipe & valve parts, marine parts, and medical equipment parts. Investment casting by Kinfuren Industrial Co.,Ltd. is able to be poured with variety of metal alloys, and is suitable for the creation of simple to highly complex shapes. We can provide the full service, from prototype development to mass production, even for the reverse engineering. The range of our parts is from 10 gram to 40 kilogram. Kinfuren Industrial Co.,Ltd can provide consistent part reproduction to your most stringent specifications and tolerances.

LED Light Parts

KINFUREN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD continues to be recognized by international corporations as trustworthy and innovative partner, and aiming to be one of top international LED Light Parts manufacturer in the near future. Our company has been specializing in manufacturing LED Light Parts for many years, offering Marine Casting, etc. KINFUREN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is committed to our long-term strategy of continuously releasing innovative LED Light Parts and offering intelligent solutions in a global market together with our partners.


Casting LED Lights

We have rich experience in manufacturing high standard Precision Casting Parts, Investment Casting Parts and Casting LED Lights.

Kinfuren Industrial Co., Ltd is a reliable, well-developed professional manufacturer and supplier of precision casting products, providing the OEM automobile parts, OEM architectural accessories, OEM valves, OEM led lights, OEM turbines, OEM marine parts and so on. The casting parts can be made by stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum ally, brass etc..
We provide high quality casting products and services, satisfying customers’ needs with competitive price.


Casting LED Light Parts

We are not just offer the casting LED light parts, but also make for the casting automobile hardware accessories, architectural hardware accessories, marine parts, etc. We welcome any OEM casting parts.
KINFUREN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD specializes in the purchase and sale of LED Light Parts. We have a vast inventory of LED Light Parts to better your current process, increasing efficiency while reducing raw materials waste and cost. You can also visit KINFUREN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD's showroom where you can find excellent performance LED Light Parts. Please contact our sales office in Taiwan to discuss the suitability of LED Light Parts or email us for more information. If you have questions, comments, feedback, or ideas please let us know.